The Dawn Theater

Hillsdale, MI

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new renovated exterior of the dawn theater with edison bulbs lights lighting entrance original photo of the exterior of the dawn theater large open space in front of the dawn stage to host different events intricate detail of the original theater seats still remains at the dawn looking down at the dawn theater stage from the balcony seats new concession stand area at the dawn theater


Hillsdale, MI



Sq. Footage:

8,800 sq. ft

Project Budget:



Studio GWA


The Keefer House Hotel, LLC

In conjunction with the Keefer House Hotel project, CL Real Estate developed and is managing the historic Dawn Theater. Initially built in 1919 as a vaudeville theater, the Dawn has seen many years as a movie theater and even spent a few years as a nightclub. Now, after sitting vacant for nearly a decade, the restored Dawn returns to the life of downtown Hillsdale as a mixed-use event space, equipped to host community events, banquets, conferences, weddings, movies, and more. The banquet space will be one of two operated by CLRED in Hillsdale with a full kitchen. Hillsdale TIFA retains ownership of the theater.