July 2, 2024

Cl-RED is Revitalizing Washington Square with Tangled Roots Brewing Company

Step into the heart of Washington, Illinois, a small yet vibrant town just outside Peoria, and you’ll find Washington Square, the center of its historic downtown. But nestled among the 19th-century buildings stood a lone structure, waiting for its chance to shine. Enter Jeff and Kelly Pohl, visionaries with a passion for their community, who approached CLRED with an idea to revitalize this corner with a Tangled Roots Brewing Company restaurant and rooftop beer garden. This project isn’t just about bricks and mortar—it’s about breathing new life into Washington Square, fostering its economic growth, and celebrating its rich heritage.


Washington’s has grown from a humble agricultural town to a thriving suburb. Now, as we embark on this project, we’re paying homage to that history. Lohan Architecture of Chicago has designed the new building with brick façade and dark metal accents echoing the town’s architectural heritage and paying tribute to its founding industries. Just as agricultural mills once served as a pillar of the community, this new establishment will become a modern-day hub of activity, where friends and neighbors come together to share good food, great beer, and even better company.

CLRED’s Involvement

At CLRED, we’re committed to unlocking the potential of small towns with big ideas, and this project embodies that mission. As the developer behind the revitalization of Washington Square, we’ve invested in the project from the ground up. From securing financing to navigating city regulations and overseeing construction, our team has been instrumental every step of the way. But our impact goes beyond bricks and mortar. By bringing Tangled Roots Brewing Company to Washington, we’re not just creating a destination venue—we’re creating opportunities for growth, both socially and economically.

Social Impact

The arrival of Tangled Roots Brewing Company will breathe new life into Washington Square, transforming it into a vibrant dining destination. With its unique blend of craft beer, delicious food, and rooftop views, it will draw visitors from near and far, injecting energy and excitement into the heart of downtown. But more than that, it will bring people together, fostering a sense of community. No longer will residents need to travel to neighboring cities for dining experiences—the best of the Midwest will be right here in Washington.

Economic Impact

The economic benefits of this project are clear. Not only will Tangled Roots Brewing Company create jobs and generate sales and property taxes, but it will also attract additional foot traffic to Washington Square. As more people dine and shop in the area, local businesses will thrive, and the entire community will reap the rewards. By investing in Washington’s future, we’re laying the foundation for sustainable growth and prosperity for years to come.

As Blake Rohrabaugh, CEO of Tangled Roots Brewing Company, put it, “We are creating a new Tangled Roots Washington institution to bring the community together.” And Nathan Watson, President of CLRED, stated that “a destination venue like Tangled Roots will draw people from all over. CLE is focused on bringing out the potential in our small downtowns, and this project will be a catalyst for more activity downtown Washington.”

In the end, this project isn’t just about a building—it’s about building a brighter future for Washington and its residents. By honoring our history, embracing innovation, and coming together as a community, we can transform Washington Square into a thriving hub of activity. Cheers to small towns and BIG ideas!