January 9, 2023

CL Enterprises and City of LaSalle Announce Updates on Maytag Building and Kaskaskia Hotel Projects

LASALLE, IL. – CL Enterprises and the City of LaSalle are working together to accelerate completion of the Maytag building and Kaskaskia Hotel projects, building a more vibrant and successful LaSalle.

At Monday’s City Council Meeting, the LaSalle City Council approved an amendment to the Redevelopment Agreement with CL Real Estate Development so that construction at the Maytag building, located at 801 First Street, will proceed. The construction of pioneering projects like these are made possible with the assistance of development tools offered by the City of LaSalle.

Nathan Watson, President of CL Real Estate Development stated,

“We’re grateful for the City of LaSalle’s support and are confident our positive working relationship will accelerate completion of this transformative project. It’s wonderful to see cooperation between our firm and all the relevant city departments, the aldermen, and Mayor Grove.”

The former Maytag building at the corner of First and Joliet streets in LaSalle is being transformed into a Tangled Roots brewery and restaurant. The building will also feature six residential apartments on the 2nd floor.

Jeff Grove, Mayor of the City of LaSalle, stated,

“The City of La Salle is excited to see renewed forward momentum on the 801 First Street Project and are particularly enthused by the developer’s commitment when they shared their preliminary schedule to ensure successful completion of the project. We believe the new Tangled Roots location, and residential apartments, will be an excellent addition to the continued growth and development of downtown La Salle. The City remains interested in giving all developers the tools they need to be successful in La Salle.”

An amendment to the redevelopment agreement for the Kaskaskia Hotel is in progress. The historic Kaskaskia Hotel, built in 1915, includes a six-story tower, apartment block, and a rear garage building, will be developed into luxury boutique apartments with many exciting features. The complex will feature approximately 50 residential units, 3 event spaces, a rooftop bar, a restored Side Bar, and prime retail space along 2nd Street.

This past summer Carus LLC, the sister company of CL Enterprises, announced a $20 million investment to its manufacturing facility in the City of LaSalle. Carus and CLE combined employ more than one hundred citizens in LaSalle, with hundreds more in LaSalle County.

Inga Carus, Co-Founder of CL Enterprises and CEO of Carus LLC stated,

“In 1915, when Edward Carus built the plant on the site of his father’s factory, he was making a commitment to LaSalle and the surrounding communities. Over 100 years later, we are still committed – now more than ever.”